The 400 Mawozo gang kills, kidnaps and rapes with impunity in Ganthier


Armed bandits, members of the 400 Mawozo gang, make and impose their laws in the commune of Ganthier. They kill, rape and kidnap under the helpless gaze of the Haitian National Police. The climate of terror that reigns there has negative consequences on several sectors of activity, notably the education sector. Leaders of organizations and residents of the area continue to raise cries of dismay towards the authorities.

The criminal organization called 400 Mawozo continues to expand its tentacles. Ganthier is the new commune which is currently under the control of this gang. The gang in “Lanmò San Jou” has the right of life and death over the residents and users of this region. Pregnant women, school teachers, schoolchildren… none of these categories are safe from these thugs devoid of any humanity.

The scene of spectacular executions, kidnappings and rapes almost on a daily basis, this town is almost deserted. Residents of nearly 4 communal sections fled the area.

In the first communal section of Ganthier, localities like Bonnette, Bojeu, Ti Mache Telye, Tisous, Lamadelle are constantly under the control of bandits from 400 Mawozo. Activities are completely paralyzed, educational institutions have remained closed, notably the Lycée l’Amitié de Ganthier and the École Nationale Saint Pierre.

In Marre Roseaux the situation is very serious, according to Nelus Nerius, one of the leaders of “Gantye Reveye”, an organization working in the commune of Ganthier. This resident of Ganthier denounces the silence of local authorities in relation to the deterioration of the security situation in this locality. He does not hide his concerns about the closure of schools in Ganthier, because of the terror established by the gangs.

“Because of the attacks of this gang, parents, students and teachers are forced to flee the Marre-roseaux, Galette Chambon, Balan municipal sections. They took refuge in Fond Parisien for shelter,” laments the head of political affairs for the Gantye Reveye organization. He calls on the authorities to take steps to restore security in the commune of Ganthier so that schoolchildren can return to school.

The gang in Lanmò San Jou uses this same modus operandi in other municipalities. In an exclusive interview given to Le Filet Info and Radio Caraibes on Thursday January 11, 2024, the president of the structure called “Protestant Network for the Defense of Human Rights”, Pastor Destiné Saint Pierre denounces what he calls the hunt for pastors living in Croix-des-Bouquets. According to the religious leader, for the month of January alone, three (3) pastors and a deacon were kidnapped from their homes. The pastor also reports several churches looted by the 400 Mawozo gang led by Lanmò San Jou.

400 Mawozo is one of the most powerful gangs in the Republic of Haiti. This armed group makes no exceptions in its acts of terror. Warrants and wanted notices have been issued against the leader of this gang, yet he continues to move around in complete peace. Lanmò san Jou is among the most wanted people in the United States. The US State Department has already offered one million dollars for the capture of this kingpin, who kidnapped 16 US citizens in the fall of 2021.

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